We're committed to one purpose—the utmost refinement of your look.

When you leave here with a great haircut, you're telling the world that you're confident, you get it and you know what you want. 

We get that and it's what we want, too.


Like many barbers, Dante Perrone cut his teeth at his pa’s shop, where he groomed the gentlemen of St. Catharine’s in the ‘90s.

After a stint styling men and women at a local St. Kitts salon, a young Perrone set out for the UK to refine his craft. He had the fortune of scoring good work in London at an industry titan, Toni & Guy. Still, he’d somehow eluded that life-changing feat that makes men of boys. So he flew to Australia and South East Asia in 2010, touring both and cutting hair on beach fronts for $20 a pop.

The trip left a mark on the man, and when he saw barbering's renaissance after coming home, it hit him—with good vision and a solid team, he could fuse the best of both his provinces: the classic soul of a barbershop and the technical skill of a high-end salon. Enter Axe & Hatchet, which, which saw its first doors open in in Yorkville in August 2014.

After two years of killing it, Dante opened a second shop in Liberty Village in 2016 and it's managed with pride by his partner and veteran stylist, Bruno Di Paolo.

Today, Dante serves the men of Toronto’s most affluent neighbourhoods, and he makes sure they leave as happy as the ones who’d see his pa.